Why We Journey

Why We Journey

Bridge, Bartholome

While there are many ways of reaching a destination, in the world or in ourselves, both involve the courage of chartering into the unknown and using all our available qualities and tools to  go from A to B. It’s stepping out on that bridge between what is known and the uncertainty of what lies ahead of you. Within that step the possibility of a grand adventure, which will add to your knowledge and understanding of yourself and the world.

Since I was a child, I have always been encouraged to explore. In many of my childhood pictures, I seem to be carrying this little, red suitcase with an all-round kit of useful travler’s objects in it. Always packed and ready for a drive in my bed-car, always ready to set sail on my rug-boat on my floor ocean – until I had trained enough to do the real thing and travel into the world instead of into my imagination.

Even at a young age, I had a sense of what a journey was about. Rarely had it to do with an end destination. The reason many of us journey has as much  to do with the process as it has with the destination. It’s the preparation, the leap of faith, the encounter, the letting go, the re-integration of a lived story, that just happen to take place as you conquer new territory.

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