Pocket Journeys is a site with the purpose of inviting you, the reader, to join me and reach for the spirit of a place as if traveling along in my pocket. Moving through the world with my sensational machinery of vision and auditory captures; the stories embedded in space and time spoken through faces and people, who, through generations, have shaped their cultural connection to the places they call home.

Walk with me through the splendor of nature and the magnificence of ancient sites. The stories told and untold, that persists and adds to the richness of meetings. The road followed then not followed, the bends and swipes of our world past, future, eternally present. Walk along the narrow pathways, through thin air and crowded plazas towards the enchanted horizon of adventure and grandeur unfolding. Where will we end up? Walk with me.

Who am I?

By heart, I am a traveller, a sound therapist, and a writer. By profession, a small business owner and educator. By education, a sociologist and Latin Americanist.

I was born and raised in the flatlands of Denmark, fell in love with the mountains and lived for almost a decade in Mexico and travelled the continent widely. Back in Europe, I take any opportunity to cross borders and embrace the magic of journeys and ink. Alone or in company, through wilderness or concrete mazes, I am a traveller.

Where have I been?

In Europe: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, France, Holland, Scotland, England, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Austria, Switzerland, the Czech Republic & Serbia.

In America: Mexico, USA, Guatemala, Belize, Cuba, Ecuador, Galapagos & Peru.

In Africa: Marocco.

My trips involve trekking through national parks, alpine mountaineering, cultural explorations of ancient sites, or simply  buzzling through city scenarios enjoying the music of the hub.

Get in touch

I do love all you readers and welcome your feedback and suggestions.

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